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At Casino Pauma, we offer the perfect mix of all your favorite table games with the friendliest dealers around. We feature the lowest table limits, exclusively featuring the only $3 Blackjack tables in Southern California. Our game choices include Blackjack, EZ Pai Gow, Mystery Card Roulette, and Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em.   Table Games opens at 10 am daily.  We close at 4 am Monday through Friday and 6 am from Saturday and Sunday.


With both double-deck and six-deck blackjack tables ranging from $3 to $500, you’ll be sure to find a table that suits your style of play. In addition to our low limits and Southern California’s only $3 blackjack tables that are open 7 days a week, we offer a variety of exciting side bets with payouts of up to 1000 to 1.

  • Double Deck Blackjack now pays 6 to 5 and we’ve added the Lucky-Lucky side bet.
  • Buster Blackjack© – The more cards in the dealer’s busted hand, the more you win! Payouts up to 250 to 1.
  • Both the Lucky-Lucky and Buster Blackjack are $1-$10.
  • War Blackjack© – It’s your first card against the dealer’s up card, high card wins. Parlay your War© winnings on your blackjack bet and increase your win!
  • King’s Bounty Blackjack © – If your first two cards total 20, you win! It’s that simple. Top award of 1000 to 1 pays when your first two cards are both King of Spades and the dealer has a blackjack.


The object of the game is to have “both” of the players hands rank higher than the designated “banker.”

EZ Pai Gow: Pai Gow is a hand of seven different ranks and does not contain a straight, a flush or a straight flush in it. It is a hand defined by a high card. If the Dealer’s hand is a Pai Gow with the highest card being a Queen, then the player’s wager on the base game will be a “push”. The appearance of this hand is called the “Queen’s Dragon™”. The Queen’s Dragon side bet pays 50 to 1.


To begin each round, players make equal bets in the Ante and Blind circles and may also make the Trips bonus bet. Once players receive their two hole cards, they can either check or bet three to four times their Ante. The dealer then reveals the three card flop. If players haven’t already made a Play bet, they can check or bet two times their Ante. The dealer then reveals the turn and the river, and if players have not already bet, they can fold or bet one times their Ante.

Next, the dealer reveals his two hold cards and announces his hand. If the player’s hand beats the dealer, his Play and Ante bets win even money. If the dealer’s hand beats the player, the player’s wagers lose. If the player’s hand ties the dealer’s hand, their bets push. The Blind bet pays if the player’s winning hand is at least a Straight, but if the player beats the dealer with less than a Straight, it pushes. The dealer needs at least a pair to qualify. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, he returns each player’s ante and all other bets receive action.


It’s all the fun of traditional roulette with a twist. Once all bets are placed, the Dealer calls “No more bets”, gives the shuffler a spin and waits to see where the shuffler will stop. The Dealer will remove the card indicated by the stop and mark the number from the card on the table layout. Once all wagers have been settled, the Dealer returns the card to the slot where it was removed and a new game starts.


Pauma 3 Card is a new spin on classic stud poker. Each player and the dealer are dealt individual 3 card poker hands from a standard 52 card deck. Before the cards are dealt you must place an Ante wager and an optional Pair or Better bonus wager. If you like your hand and want to play your Ante wager against the dealer, you must make an equal wager on the Play; otherwise, you forfeit the Ante wager.

Dealer qualifies with a Queen or better. If the dealer does not qualify, the Play wager pushes and the Ante wager is paid 1 to 1. Pair or Better and Ante bonuses pay even if the dealer beats your hand or does not qualify.